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DO You Know All Questions and Answers
  DO You Know for Heart Related All Questions and Answers
001. What if my patient becomes unresponsive?
002. Has a change in mental status?
003. What if I have a change in mental status?
004. Climbs out of bed?
005. Climbs out of bed naked and runs around the unit?
006. What is APS?
007. What if my patient starts refusing treatment in an emergency?
008. What if my patient seizes?
009. Repeatedly?
010. Does repeated seizure activity really injure the brain?
011. What is a blown pupil?
012. What if they’re both blown?
013. What if my pupils are blown?
014. Acute CVA?
015. Sudden rising ICP?
016. What if my patient is undersedated?
017. Oversedated?
018. When should I use Narcan? Mazecon?
019. How do I know if my patient is withdrawing from something?
020. What if paralysis won’t take effect?
021. Won’t wear off?
022. What if my patient suddenly becomes bradycardic?
023. When do I give atropine?
024. Tachycardic?
025. Sudden VT? Narrow complex? Wide complex?
026. VF?
027. Rapid AF? What is RVR?
028. Asystole?
029. How do I work the Zoll?
030. How do I work a temporary pacing box?
031. What if my patient’s K is 1.9?
032. 6.9?
033. What if my patient is having an acute episode of ischemia, or an MI
034. What if my patient is dry? How do I know?
035. What if he’s wet?
036. When should my patient get a central line?
037. Where should it go?
038. Should I give IV fluid?
039. Should I give blood?
040. What if my postop patient drops her pressure?
041. What if her abdomen/ arm/ neck/ leg is swelling?
042. What if he pulls out his arterial line?
043. Central line?
044. PA line?
045. Balloon pump?
046. What if he pulls out his only IV access and drops his pressure immediately?
047. Needs sedation immediately?
048. Has a rapidly enlarging hematoma at the line site?
049. Has trouble after a paracentesis?
050. Thoracentesis? 

What if my patient suddenly drops her BP?

052. Has a sudden rise in BP?
053. Is becoming septic?
054. What if I turn her in the bed and her pressure drops?
055. How do I pick a pressor?
056. What if I turn up the pressor and nothing happens?
057. What if my patient gets a pressor bolus?
058. What if my waveforms and numbers just don’t make sense at all?
059. What if my patient is having ischemia?
060. What if my patient has chest pain that won’t go away?
061. What if my patient is having an MI?
062. What is cardiogenic shock
063. What if my patient becomes short of breath?
064. What if she has COPD?
065. Is acutely hypoxic?
066. What if I gave her too much oxygen?
067. Is acutely hypercarbic?
068. When should I get a blood gas?
069. Suddenly starts wheezing?
070. What if my patient is “flashing”?
071. What is “guppy breathing”?
072. What if my patient stops breathing?
073. Obstructs her airway?
074. Has sleep apnea?
075. Plugs?
076. What does a pneumothorax look like?
077. Should we needle the chest or not?
078. What if my patient codes during intubation?
079. Bites the ET tube?
080. Extubates herself?
081. Extubates herself and runs down the hall extubating everyone else?
082. What if I can’t get the ET tube cuff to seal?
083. How do I know if she needs to be reintubated?
084. What if my patient pulls his NG tube?
085. Pulls his NG tube just far out enough to aspirate tube feeds?
086. Vomits?
087. Vomits tube feeds?
088. Vomits and aspirates?
089. Vomits “coffee grounds”?
090. Bright red blood?
091. What if he starts passing melanotic stool, or BRBPR?
092. What if my patient starts having severe abdominal pain?
093. What if he’s pregnant?
094. What does appendicitis look like?
095. What does a bowel infarct look like?
096. What if my patient has lost bowel sounds, has a K of 6.7 and a pH of 7.10?
097. What if my patient stops making urine?
098. Makes too much urine?
099. Pulls his foley out?
100. Twice?
101. Develops hematuria?
102. With clots?
103. Without clots?
104. What if his BUN and creatinine are doubling every day?
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